Try our branded experience Virtual Photo Booth

Our new virtual photo booth service can deliver a branded, digital photo or video experience to your customers, prospects, leads, fans, or special event attendees. It is the perfect way to share your brand and company in a super fun way that leaves a lasting impression upon people. Everyone loves a selfie

In addition, it is one of the most powerful ways to capture lead and customer information. Imagine being able to build an email and SMS text marketing database in such a fun and engaging way. Adding this to your marketing efforts gets you immediate results and has a return on investment that will leave YOU smiling. We have a demo of it below which you can try, but let’s explain a bit more about what a virtual photo booth is, and what this virtual photo booth can do for your marketing.

The virtual photo booth is a powerful marketing tool

virtual photo booth for corporate marketing activations

We craft a fully branded experience

We craft the virtual photo booth to keep your brand and company as a memorable part of the experience from the very start. You and your brand will be unforgettable!

virtual photo booth for marketing campaigns and special events

Everyone loves taking a selfie or video

With so many ways to deploy this fun experience, your target market will enjoy memorable selfies and keepsakes, which also can get shared across social media.

rent a virtual photo booth for my company event

You get powerful data captured real-time

While people are enjoying the fun, you benefit from data collection. Collect email addresses and phone numbers to custom question answers and more.

A few ways clients are putting the virtual photo booth to use

  • A pet grooming company uses the virtual photo fun as a pet photo attraction on their website that provides lead capture to contact pet owners. This same company uses the virtual photo booth in the pet store and trade shows for in-person pet owner engagement and lead capture. Everyone wants a photo of their pet!
  • A fitness center uses the virtual photo booth to entice members to take branded workout selfies and post them to social media. The virtual booth offers a contest mode that awards free fitness center swag for posting the selfie. The social media reach and new member leads they get from this are amazing.
  • A wedding and event venue offers its clients the ability to use its virtual photo booth to create branded memorable keepsakes during their event. It is a perk to their clients who see this as a valuable additional service. It provides the venue with an ever-growing marketing database and dominates social media as event guests share photos and videos across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • The ways to use this powerful marketing and immersive experience are unlimited

Try our virtual photo booth service for yourself!

We have embedded a demo below. This can be fully customized to your brand and desired theme. It can be full screen or embedded in your website for on-page engagement. The perfect way to share the fun while capturing data for your marketing efforts.