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HDR stands for “high dynamic range.” For those who aren’t so familiar with this high-tech photography lingo, dynamic range is just the difference between the lightest lights and darkest darks that you can capture in a photo. 

Once your environment exceeds the camera’s dynamic range, the highlights tend to wash out to white, and the darks become big black blobs. Both areas of the photo end up lacking definition and clarity. 

It’s especially challenging to photograph a subject area that captures both ends of this spectrum. This is what HDR is: a specific style of real estate photography and property photography techniques dealing with an unusually high dynamic range that couldn’t otherwise be captured in a single photograph.

You may be surprised to hear that HDR photography is an often needed service, and is not limited to just real estate photography. From capturing the aspects of real estate properties to bringing out the definition and clarity of food shots and product photos to showcasing the accents of every smooth line of an automobile, HDR photography is needed in many situations.

Combined with our virtual tour services and our aerial drone photography, we cover all of your creative image needs.

See the difference HDR photography makes

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Video Production Services

Take your marketing beyond still photos and boring slideshows. Today’s world is visual. Just as our virtual tours bring your property or space into immersive views, our video production services create a feeling of being part of the property, your story and your brand. Video is the medium of choice on social media and digital marketing platforms. Now is the time to bring your organization’s brand and story to life with video.


You may be wondering how your organization can put video to use.
Here are 9 key areas where video can enhance and boost your results.



Get noticed, get remembered, get results. Our commercials have become one of our most popular services and are designed to engage your online audience in creatively branded ways.



We are more than videographers. We're video marketers with deep expertise in Video Marketing and audience engagement.



Show your brand and tell your story in ways that attract top talent, train more affordably, reduce turnover, and improve awareness. Those are just a few of the possibilities we can help you create.



Boost sales and customer support with an intuitive video that highlights your best brand and product assets. We'll take even the most complex or simple and ignite it with creative flair.



Bring your passion and company to light! Showcase your brand, culture, and mission to charm your audience in a way that makes them want to learn more.



Your patrons are your best advocates. We know how to craft that story to impart confidence and recognition behind your brand, your company, and what you do.



Do your patrons and potential donors see the impact you're making within the community? Let us show you how to share that story. We increase awareness of your cause through a video that tells your story in a heartwarming approach.



Have an event, product, or service that needs massive exposure? We'll make them smile. We'll make them think. We will make them feel. We will help you promote and reach results no matter how tall of an order.



Need to be seen, remembered, and need measurable results all in one package? We know how to ignite your brand's personality and story, bringing your passion to light.

What sets video apart from text on a page is the form itself, not the content. It’s well-documented that viewers engage more intensely with video than even the most well-written text. Plus, the human brain is shown to process video 60,000 times faster than text. Because of this, video marketing has become an effective and integral part of top-performing companies marketing strategies. 

Aerial Drone Photography and Video Services

Our professional drone photography services provide stunning aerial footage, including images, video, and 360-degree panoramas, to showcase your property from a unique perspective in the sky. Perfect for showing the surrounding area, viewing large estates and facilities, and providing context to nearby amenities and features. Shining Star Interactive offers skilled aerial photography services at competitive pricing.

Drone photography for real estate homeowners property

We provide only properly licensed, insured, and quality service.

When you choose Shining Star Interactive, you get professional drone photography pilots. Licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), commercially insured to best protect our clients, and using only the best commercial equipment. Contact us for a free consult.

FAA drone pilot for photography in York Pennsylvania

FAA Licensed Pilots

With drones playing more crucial roles in today's aerial photography world, it is essential to make sure the company providing you commercial drone photography services is fully aware of and following the mandatory FAA regulations and requirements. Not doing so can put your business at risk both legally and financially. Our drone photography pilots are fully certified Part 107 UAV drone pilots under the FAA. We have gone through formal drone pilot training and passed certification exams administered by the FAA. We are your drone photography experts.

Insured commercial drone photography for Hanover real estate companies.

Registered & Insured

Commercial liability insurance is a must when choosing drone photography or aerial photography companies. Also, since drones deal with data (photos, videos, and more), it is wise to demand Cyber Liability coverage. You want the company providing services to be fully insured to safeguard you and your business. Shining Star Interactive maintains complete coverage across our business. When you choose our company, you can be assured of professional and properly insured services. Our clients deserve the best. We deliver the best.

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Commercial Drones

Our drone photography equipment is the latest in cutting edge technology capable of operating longer than other drones and contains the most up to date technology and camera equipment for commercial operations. Our aerial photography equipment provides ultra high definition photography and video. We also have options for specialized equipment for structural and thermal inspections, agricultural surveys, specializations for legal, insurance, public safety, and law enforcement needs.

Floor Plan Schematics and Diagrams for Properties and Spaces

Photography and Video Production 2

floor plan diagrams for real estate, fire safety, tour guides, and moreWhile your immersive virtual tour will “wow” folks, they still expect to see some traditional views of the property or space, such as floor plans.

Buyers, site visitors, and prospects have come to depend on floor plans to visualize the overall layout. When floor plan schematics are available, we even embed them into our virtual tours as reference.

Floor plan schematics and diagrams add to your marketing portfolio, create a complete presentation, engage more prospects, and ultimately lead to more interaction.

Floor plans are also great for offline use. For example, we have mapped property floor plans to provide fire and safety exit route displays.

Traditionally floor plan schematics were expensive and added another complication to things. In the past, you needed to hire an architect or survey type person to conduct measurements and draft the schematics. While this approach provided pinpoint accuracy in sizes, that level of accuracy was never needed, and it often took weeks or even months. A simple representation of the floor plan was needed, showing the layout and structure of the property or space. You did not need a drawing accurate to the exact scale within a fraction of an inch.

Now, you can have a floor plan schematic quickly and affordably! Our team can map your property or space using augmented reality and LIDAR scanning equipment to create a floor plan representing your space or property. This style of mapping your area not only offers a super-fast turn around time. The accuracy is also impressive. Our floor plan mapping achieves a 94% accuracy scale, giving a reliable representation of the 2D floor plan diagram.

Our floor plan diagrams are perfect for real estate listings, presentations, property reference documents, training purposes, sales and marketing, fire and safety, event and wedding planning, and more.