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Brand development is to define who you are as a company.

Your brand
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What is a brand and brand development?

A brand is the personality of a company. Some factors that contribute to a brand include the company’s name, associated symbols, illustrations, and overall reputation. Successful brands use these elements to achieve greater recognition among customers. Although companies define their brands, the brand’s impression on consumers determines its success. Brand psychology is critical. From your website to your signage to your printed materials, your brand is what stands out.

The goal of brand development is to be seen in a way that appeals to what a consumer wants, and consumers’ desires can vary by demographic. Appeals or promises that brands make to secure and retain customers help form the identity of your business. For example, your business may have the brand identity of a company known for luxury items that are high quality, produced by a company that goes the extra mile for customer satisfaction. 

Think about the watchmaker Rolex. Their brand is understood, known, and recognized for that. Now consider Walmart. The brand is identified as something completely different – everyday items at low prices—two utterly different brand personalities. Just as friends and family have come to know you as a person, your brand is how the world comes to know you as a business.

Our team are brand development experts. We know the brand archetypes and brand psychology of expressing your company’s place in the market, how your products and services need to be seen to be successful, and the nuances that help make your brand unforgettable. 

Your brand is more than a logo and color scheme.

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Our brand development experts understand and embrace the art of defining your company’s personality and assigning brand archetypes.

What is a brand archetype? Carl Jung, a famous Swiss psychiatrist, believed there were twelve distinct personalities within the human psyche. These personalities became archetypical of the general population. All of us are at least one of them.
These archetypes have also been segmented into categories with associated colors, feelings, and emotions, what makes them happy, sad, angry, etc. Because brands have personalities, too, brand development agencies started assigning archetypes to brand identities. Nike is the Hero, Jeep the Explorer, Harley Davidson the Outlaw, etc.

Much can be determined from these archetypical personality traits when it comes to helping businesses better understand themselves, how to position their brand, and ultimately, how to market them.

Which of the Brand Archetypes below
do you feel your business, products or services fall under?

brand types and personalities

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A bit more about Brand Archetypes and how they fit into Brand Identity


A type 1 Enneagram (perfectionist) with a proneness to overcome obstacles, they are popular in sportswear, outdoor equipment, and emergency utility service industries. They serve others, are committed to achieving, and have a conviction of obligation.

The Magician archetype leaves you feeling enchanted and delighted—or happy and transformed. It can be temporary or long-term, but your satisfaction is because of something they did. An Enneagram Type 3, they love being the center of attention and having the spotlight on them. They love finding win-win situations with clever ways of getting results.

Also known as the Rebel, the Outlaw longs for liberation from oppression. They’re risk-takers, progressive, and ooze bravery in all circumstances—especially in the face of “The Man.” They’re most likely Enneagram 7s and are free spirits that inspire others to take chances and dream.

The Ruler is in control and above it all. They crave excellence and know you need someone in power to make the world work. They thrive being in charge. With an aptitude for responsibility and leadership, they closely resemble the Enneagram type 8. They exude confidence, charisma, and leadership traits.

The Creator, above all else, wants to innovate, create, and wow with unique solutions to problems. Gifted innovative brands are likely to be Enneagram type 4s and very expressive. They shine with their self-expression through words, images, and objects they create. They resist conformity and don’t follow the masses.

When you think about the Caregiver—also an Enneagram type 2—what comes to mind is a caring, compassionate brand. They do things for others while caring for the world and guarding people against harm. Think of brands that make you feel warm, comfortable, and cared for.

The Lover—or Romantic—thinks that love and admiration makes the world turn. They crave intimacy, beauty, passion, and emotional connection. They not only want to be attractive to others, but they desire to help others feel more beautiful and alluring. Their strength is relationships, and they will do what they need to to ensure closeness, camaraderie, and togetherness. They’re an Enneagram type 2 that sees beauty and love in the world.

People love the fun Jester archetype. Jesters only fear being boring, irrelevant, or that they weren’t invited to the party. Both the Enneagram 7 and the Jester archetype aim to keep things light-hearted and fun. They’re not too serious and don’t quickly get agitated. Jesters live in the moment and are often the joke tellers, tricksters, and pranksters. Allow them room to run wild, and they will — all in the name of creating joy.

The Everyman has ambition and zeal but doesn’t desire to be the pack leader or the highest rung on the ladder. They cling to value and want to be valued. They want to see everyone have a chance to experience what they offer. As an Enneagram 9, they go with the flow and don’t rustle feathers—they want to fit in. Universal connection is this archetype’s psyche.

The Innocent doesn’t want to be responsible for hurting or damaging anyone or anything. These brands are caring, kind, virtuous, and faultless. They’re optimistic and want to provide that optimism to others. Their core desire is to experience paradise, a sort of Etopia, where everyone is safe.

The Sage is about finding and sharing wisdom. They pursue information, and they want to understand how things are done. They love teaching and are highly intelligent. You’ll find the Sage in the education, media, and news sectors. They are likely an Enneagram type 5.

The Explorer archetype is motivated by a powerful desire for new experiences. Greatly valuing freedom, the Explorer has a core desire to be free of the establishment but not necessarily challenge it. This archetype is willing to do just about anything to avoid boredom and entrapment, often thriving on adventurous risk. The Explorer is known to push boundaries and delight in unexpected discoveries, embracing a “no limit” philosophy.

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