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Content marketing. “If you build it, they will come.” is a famous quote from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner. Ok, we know that is going WAY back into history, but the quote is often a mindset of many business owners. Sadly, it simply is not true. If you build it, they may not even know about it, think about it, or even want to come to whatever it happens to be – from your website to your social media channels, to your print items such as sales sheets, menus, catalogs, postcards, and even business cards. 

Building a marketing tool is a foundation and resource for YOU. Not a destination your prospects will easily find. To guide them to your foundational marketing tools, you must always be out there, like a tour leader – driving people with information and entertainment to where they need to be. In marketing, this is done with content creation.  

are just a few of the areas where content-based marketing becomes a powerhouse

content management services for small businesses, websites, and social media in York, PA

What is content and content marketing?

To understand content marketing (also known as inbound marketing in many situations), you must first understand that content is not just the written word on a website.

Content is the exciting stuff that makes up the internet, what you read in magazines and newspapers, and what the entire social media world is about.

The main element that makes content marketing and inbound marketing unique and engaging is that it is not explicitly created to be marketing. It’s informational; it’s entertaining; hopefully shareable. But it is not always what we think of as traditional “in your face” marketing. It is passive marketing.

Content marketing aims to continually educate and entertain potential customers into brand loyalty – to come to know and respect your business and your brand.

Content-based marketing aims to create value in the form of relevant and helpful information or enjoyable entertainment that makes people see your company and your brand as one they like, respect, and want to do business with. You want to become someone they follow and are interested in. Your content becomes essential and valuable to them, and as a result, so do your products and services. They remember you. They want to do business with you.


We master the core elements of proper content strategy

What you do has to have a reason.

It has to make sense for your business, your brand, and particularly your audience. Our strategic approach and creative team build reason and purpose into your content strategy to assure that you are always reaching audiences in a meaningful way and never just hollow words and visuals. Your content becomes valued and consumed by your audience.

What you do has to invoke emotion.

Rooted in the process of creative design, our content management methodology is immersed with the emotions of your message. Be it empathy, curiosity, hunger, joy, desire, or any other emotional connection. We are meticulous in process and craft, believing emotional connection is the catalyst that drives impact and engagement with your content.

What you do has to have meaningful metrics.

Yes, the magic we do must move the needle. It has to get you results. Making a quantifiable impression means more than just boosting your profits. It means creating content that impacts your audience in positive and memorable ways. It means growing your prospect base or pipeline of leads and moving the needle on many metrics.

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