virtual tour marketing services in york and lancaster pennsylvania

Client Engagement and Marketing Services

Shining Star Interactive is not only about virtual tours and property marketing. We offer a range of services crafted to engage your client and prospect base. Our marketing services are tailored to get you results in ways meaningful to your market. We are not an ad agency. We are a company that knows how to engage your markets. Ask about our company division specializing in engaging your market and taking your brand to a better known and recognized level.

Social Media Marketing Services

Our social media marketing team uses social media platforms to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, strategic paid ad campaigns, listening to and engaging your followers, and ultimately analyzing the results.

Photo Opportunities and Photo Driven Engagement

The latest marketing trend is all about creating the perfect picture. Organizations, companies, and brands are setting up photo kiosk opportunities in stores, pop-ups, and major marketing campaigns, giving Millennials everything they need to take the best shot to share on social media. With every photo share, your company, brand, and sales message gets seen.

Targeted Email Marketing Services

Targeted email marketing identifies an audience or demographic that is a fit to your product or service. Once these targets are defined, we develop email marketing campaigns to reach that audience in a measurable and effective approach. While others simply create spam, we craft campaigns that get you results.

Geographically Targeted Print Media

Post cards and junk mail are not dead! If these channels of marketing were not effective, you would not receive as much as you do personally. The key to making this channel work however is to be creative and unique in approach. That is where we come in. We master the art of creative approaches!

Entertainment Driven Engagement

What is the most memorable aspect of any event? The fun you have at it. Entertainment drives perception of how popular or memorable your company, organization, or brand is at a given function. People want to have a good time. The companies and brands that give that to them, well... they are remembered! We blend this with measurable tactics to engage your audience and bring your sales message to the front of the line.

Tasty Treat Driven Engagement

Everyone loved food. Everyone. It is the one common denominator that unites us all in any gathering. Our treat foods team can create experiences that keep your audience engaged and seeing your brand or sales message in a memorable fashion. From immersive treat stations with branded flair, to tastes of all time favorites, we keep your prospects and audiences focused on your company's offering and brand.  

Shining Star Advantage

Our company has the resources to make results happen!

Our team is highly skilled in creative marketing approaches. We can design social media, email campaigns, and print items that will capture the attention of your market. Let our team of creatives show you a few concepts and be the judge.

Our company has several divisions focusing on experiential marketing activations. Our team has worked with many Fortune 500 companies across the United States to provide immersive and branded entertainment options such as photo booths, curated selfie stations, brand themed amusements, brand and theme inspired treat food stations and much more. Talk to us about your next event and let’s craft something amazing.

Give us a call at 717.472.1897 or email us at [email protected] and tell us a bit about your next event, gathering, trade show, expo, or company function. Nothing is to small or too vast for our team.