Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center virtual tour designed by Shining Star Interactive in York, PA

Case Study: Claremont Nursing Home

How Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania overcame the inability (due to covid19 or geographical distance) to provide prospective resident families a tour of the facility and insight into the care-focused accommodations the center is known for. 

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• Overview

Claremont nursing home virtual tour in Carlisle Pennsylvania
Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation

Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, is a 282-bed long-term care skilled nursing facility with additional specialties in dementia care and short-term rehabilitation services.

One of the main challenges for care facilities is how to engage with prospective resident families. The families may not be geographically close enough to the facility to take an in-person tour. They want to see firsthand what their loved ones will experience daily once admitted to the facility. Distance has always made this a challenge. In 2020, Covid19 impacted families touring at an even deeper level, making it impossible to provide a transparent in-person view of the facility.

The challenge was how to provide prospective resident families a way to see what Claremont was about and experience the facility as if they were on site. Marketing and Admissions needed a way to connect with people in a meaningful way.

• The Shining Star Interactive Approach

Shining Star Interactive, based in York, Pennsylvania, crafted a virtual tour of the care facility focusing on building trust through transparency, showcasing the facility in a manner that immerses the viewer with the facility and its amenities. We wanted to create an experience for the viewer to see the true and accurate representation of Claremont and not a produced marketing tour that came across as staged or artificially enhanced.

Due to current Covid19 restrictions in the State of Pennsylvania, we cannot access the facility’s inside areas. These restrictions created a challenge in presenting the facility to make the virtual tour a viable resource while waiting for the State of Pennsylvania to lift its restrictions on visitors to nursing homes.

We created an immersive virtual tour of the facility’s outside areas, allowing prospective families to explore the gardens and therapeutically scenic spaces. Families can wander the grounds and see the various outdoor amenities Claremont brings to its residents. We embedded the multiple brochures and literature Claremont provides families when they tour the facility and provided an easy-to-use way to contact Claremont.

When it came to featuring the inside aspects of the facility, we worked with the facility to identify photographs they had on hand that best represent a resident’s daily life at Claremont. To overcome the temporary inability to create the indoors portion of the tour, we designed an embedded slideshow to highlight what one would experience and see indoors. Once the Covid19 restrictions are lifted, we will be producing the indoor portion of the virtual tour (ETA Spring 2021). We also created and embedded ambient music to add to the sense of the compassion and care Claremont is known to provide.



• Results and Conclusion

Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center can share what residents of the care facility experience in day-to-day life. Families tour the facility in a transparent approach that helps build trust, which is crucial when considering long-term care and dementia services. The tour supports the Admissions staff to drive census and community outreach.

Since embedding the virtual tour on their website, Claremont has seen a measurable increase in admissions counseling requests. Prospective families have provided feedback that the virtual tour helped them and contributed to their overall decision to choose Claremont.

Case Study: Claremont Nursing and Rehabilitation Center 1

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Explore the PHASE 1 of the project while we await Covid19 restrictions to be lifted to complete the indoor portion of the virtual tour.