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What is a virtual tour? How much is it? What is drone photography?

We answer your questions about Virtual Tours, HDR Photography, Aerial Drone Photography, Floor Plan Mapping, and more...

The most commonly asked questions about virtual tours and 360 panoramic showcases are answered below. If you have a question not listed, please contact us and we will get you the answer immediately.

Many folks ask the question “what IS a virtual tour?” and have never seen or experienced one. A virtual tour is a way to visit and explore a physical space without actually being there. It is a way to explore the space across the internet using specialized photography to allow you to see things in every direction, as if you were there turning your head and looking. Imagine being able to have a remote control camera allowing you to move around, look around, and examine things far away, and up close. In a nutshell, that is the answer to “what is a virtual tour?”… but the answer goes even deeper. It is a tool that allow you to show your space (property, venue, home, ANY SPACE) to people in other areas. It allows you to go beyond just boring photos and give them a real sense of being there.We could go on and describe it more, but the best way to answer it is to SHOW you a virtual tour. Take look at our portfolio. We showcase many virtual tours that we have recently created for our clients. Take a gander…

In addition to “what is a virtual tour”, the more important aspect is “what can a virtual tour do for me?”
Virtual tours and showcases offer different benefits and results depending on your type of business.

  • For our Venue and Event Space clients, they see substantial value in being able to show their prospects the event space remotely. Many times candidates cannot immediately visit, and by offering a virtual walkthrough of your unique venue, you capture their interest far beyond just showing static photos. Being able to allow your clients to freely walk through your space as if they were actually there is a very strong sales and presentation tool. Our 360 tours can include video presentations of significant aspects, links, and clickable, interactive elements to make the experience fully immersive. We provide all the key features you want your virtual visitors to not only know about but to SEE as if they were THERE.
  • For our Real Estate and Home Sellers clients, everything mentioned above is provided to your potential buyers, and virtual tours maximize the potential of your asking price and to decrease the amount of time your listing is on the market. We produce an online property tour that lets the potential buyer know, without question, EXACTLY what the listing looks like. The visual marketing we provide is unmatched and is hands-down, the most accurate way to showcase a listing. With so many prospects being out of the area, having a virtual tour is the most helpful tool you can provide and shows your level of service surpasses many other sellers or agencies.
  • For our Corporate clients, we bring the power of your company to your clients, partners, investors, and suppliers. We can tailor virtual tours of your manufacturing, design, development, fulfillment, logistics, and other vital pieces of your organization. Our tours can illustrate from a sales perspective to a training perspective to even insurance and investment perspectives. Our team of creatives offers free consultation on the many ways our tours can help your company reduce costs and benefit from virtual space showcasing.

With Shining Star Interactive being part of the team of creatives experienced in technology and process efficiency, we are pleased to offer a starting rate of $129 to produce a professional quality virtual tour. This price covers a starting point for spaces of all general listing types. The cost is based on the area size, the number of unique spaces or rooms, and the level of interaction within the tour itself.

Anyone can buy a camera and claim they can create a virtual tour for you. Shining Star Interactive has the experience and skill in tailoring the production to deliver proven quality and, more importantly, results. There are many moving pieces to the puzzle of virtual tours, and not everyone offering this service can create and design a VR space that is professional and effective in representing your offering. Given the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many amateurs with only basic skills and low end consumer equipment are jumping into this looking to make quick money, and that will be evident in the quality and service you receive.

Shining Star Interactive makes it easy, quick and efficient. In special circumstances, we’ve been able to book same-day appointments. However, we recommend at least 48 hours advance notice to ensure you receive the appointment time that works the best for you or your home seller and that you have time to prep the property or space for the shoot. We have a guide on how to prepare your property or event venue for a successful virtual tour shoot.

The average time-on-site for a typical real estate listing is approximately 1 hour. The venue, event space, and corporate sessions may take a bit longer based on size and complexity. We ensure that proper coverage is given to the client and accommodates our cutting-edge photography process to make sure your results are impressive and, more importantly, effective producing results. We schedule based on your availability and time line. We make it easy.

Most tours are ready for viewing within 24 hours, some even same day. More complex spaces or special situations may need additional time to design and compile. Our team of VR experts will review this with you once the shoot is completed.

Once we’ve finished assembling your 360 VR tour, we provide you a direct link to the tour that is hosted on our tour platform. If included in the package, we also provide you high-resolution photos taken during the shoot and a set of web-sized/email-sized versions.

We also offer budget friendly website design and management services to embed the tour on your current website or even help you launch a newly designed site! We offer many levels of service to include a fully catered turnkey website package. Now may be the time to do a complete makeover or launch your very own website!

You might not be asking “what is a virtual tour?” and instead be wondering “why should I choose your company for a virtual tour?”
Simply put, we offer incredibly personalized service from a team of creatives that know how to get results. Our team is among the most tech savvy and innovative you will find. We do not subcontract to part-time amateurs, nor do we employ unprofessional/unqualified photographers. Our prices are very competitive relative to the incredibly high-quality product that you are guaranteed to receive. We take the answer to “what is a virtual tour” and why have one, and create a strategy to get you the results you desire.

HDR refers to “High Dynamic Range.” We utilize a photographic process whereby we combine multiple exposures of the image and combine them digitally to provide a final photo or 360° panorama virtual tour that more accurately reflects the fantastic tonal and color range of the human eye.

This means that if there’s a view to see out a window, we can show it. This also ensures that lighting looks good across the space. For example, the light fixtures in a room are not “blown out” of view as too bright.

Our 360 tours are fully compatible with the majority of modern mobile devices. We are FULLY HTML-5 compatible. Our system auto-detects the compatible display method to show the 360 panoramas, virtual tour showcases, and photos.

What message do you want to deliver to your clients when it comes to justifying how you cared for and marketed their listing or represent your venue event space or corporate facility?
Let’s work together to ensure that your property, worth hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars is getting the exposure and view that it deserves and that your client is trusting you to provide.
Time is money. Lack of experience costs you more in the long run. You’re a professional that prides and markets yourself on your particular expertise in your industry.
We’re 360 virtual tour and photography experts that can produce an unmatched immersive online experience.
Although digital cameras now offer almost anyone the ability to take ordinary photos. We’ve proven time and time again that we’re far better equipped and trained to properly showcase your property through our specially crafted images and 360 interactive panoramas.