Floor plan schematics and diagrams for real estate virtual tours in York Pennsylvania

Floor Plan Schematics and Diagrams for Properties and Spaces

While your immersive virtual tour will “wow” folks, they still expect to see some traditional views of the property or space, such as floor plans.

Buyers, site visitors, and prospects have come to depend on floor plans to visualize the overall layout. When floor plan schematics are available, we even embed them into our virtual tours as reference.

Floor plan schematics and diagrams add to your marketing portfolio, create a complete presentation, engage more prospects, and ultimately lead to more interaction.

Floor plans are also great for offline use. For example, we have mapped property floor plans to provide fire and safety exit route displays.

Traditionally floor plan schematics were expensive and added another complication to things. In the past, you needed to hire an architect or survey type person to conduct measurements and draft the schematics. While this approach provided pinpoint accuracy in sizes, that level of accuracy was never needed, and it often took weeks or even months. A simple representation of the floor plan was needed, showing the layout and structure of the property or space. You did not need a drawing accurate to the exact scale within a fraction of an inch.

Now, you can have a floor plan schematic quickly and affordably! Our team can map your property or space using augmented reality and LIDAR scanning equipment to create a floor plan representing your space or property. This style of mapping your area not only offers a super-fast turn around time. The accuracy is also impressive. Our floor plan mapping achieves a 94% accuracy scale, giving a reliable representation of the 2D floor plan diagram.

Our floor plan diagrams are perfect for real estate listings, presentations, property reference documents, training purposes, sales and marketing, fire and safety, event and wedding planning, and more. 

Floor plan schematics and floor plan diagrams for real estate and fire and safety